“Same old Arsenal.” “Typical Arsenal.” “Bottlejobs!”

The odds have been stacked against us, but let’s rise up and beat them.

We was completely dominant in the first leg. Registering 28 shots, 72% possession, hundreds and hundreds of passes. But the important fact is, it’s 1-1 with Atletico having an important away goal. But let’s not be afraid. Fear is for the weak. Fear is for losers. Fear is for failure. This is Arsene Wenger’s farewell season. Rise up for your manager.

The fans were incredible. The atmosphere was one of the best I have seen in the Emirates era. The passion, the roar of the crowd and the fans singing their hearts out all game. The constant support and backing of the team. The loyalty and love they have is irreplaceable. Rise up for your fans.

The club. Arsenal are a historic club, renowned around the world as one of the best. We have a reputation, and of recent years it has been damaged and weakened by a weak core in defence. The pinnacle of this is our captain, our leader making a criminal error to give Atletico the equaliser. Rise up for your club.

Pride. You are representing Arsenal Football Club. As the legendary Rocky Rocastle said, “Remember who you are, what you are and who you represent”. To play for Arsenal Football Club is a massive honour. So rise up for your own pride of being a Gunner.

My message is simple going into the second leg. Rise up and make yourself a hero. It is in these massive fixtures, in European semi-finals, away from home that heroes are made. So rise up and carve your name into history. Make us fans echo your name through the years in a story of European glory. Arsenal have an amazing opportunity to reach a European final and send our amazing manager out on a high. My final message is to the fans. Go to Madrid with pride, get behind the team and sing your f*cking hearts out.


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