Arsene Wenger’s successor: Who next?

So, the day has finally come. Arsene Wenger is stepping down as Arsenal manager at the end of the season after a tremendous 22 year reign.

Whilst thanking Arsene for all that he has done the club can not afford to sit idle. The right appointment has to be made. There are a few options available to the club.

Ancelotti. If we look at Ancelotti’s record at clubs he rarely stays there for a long time and often finds his success early into the tenure. If the club are going to look down this route then surely Ancelotti would only be a stop gap whilst a longer term succession plan is put underway. He would achieve early success and have the experience to manage what will be a difficult transition period post-Wenger.

The proven big name. Arsenal fans are craving the massive names among world coaches to be linked and so far they have been. Allegri and Enrique leading the way. Both are without a doubt outstanding coaches but they have never really had to deal with an owner like Kroenke. Kroenke refuses to invest any of his own money into the club and insists it is run and funded by the money it makes itself. This self sustainable model he has put in place has proved rather like a failure so far. Unable to compete with the biggest clubs like Manchester City, his promise that Arsenal will be competing at the top seems like empty words. Bringing in a brilliant manager like Allegri would without a doubt improve the team, but under a strict budget will he be able to mimic the incredible success he has found at Juventus. I’m not sure.

Now, onto an area I myself find intriguing. The so called “project” managers. The likes of Jardim, Tedesco and Nagelsman, the latter two being strongly linked as Sven Mislintat is a keen admirer of them both. All 3 managers have worked under tight budgets and found success. Jardim has won the league, which against a financial super power such as PSG is a phenomenal achievement which was truly under appreciated. Nagelsman inherited a Hoffenheim side that was battling relegation and within the matter of a couple of seasons are now fighting for Champions League. Tedesco’s Schalke side are currently second in the Bundesliga. Jardim is arguably the best coach in world football at developing and identifying young players, merge that with our superb super scout Mislintat, it only makes sense that it’s a dream combination. Nagelsman is a master tactician and his youthfulness provides him with a boldness to try the unthinkable. He has had to adapt his system, style of play and even player positions to get the best out of his squad and he has done. Tedesco is similar to Nagelsman, although the scale of turn around he achieved was less dramatic, but no less impressive.

Therefore, under tight financial strain I believe that a project manager would be the perfect route. If the fans and club are willing to give the new manager, whether that be Jardim, Nagelsman or Tedesco, the time I believe the reward would be immense. I for one am willing to give them the time to turn this club around, all you have to do is look at how well Klopp has done at Liverpool when given the time to see it’s a good system to work with. Against the financial giants, it takes a genius who thinks beyond the ordinary man to succeed and I feel that this is our best way to compete with the big spenders, by being bold in choosing our new manager, after all, look how the bold decision to hire Wenger turned out. Nevertheless, whoever we decide to hire, they will have my full support. Thanks for reading, comment below if you feel the need to broadcast your opinion.


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