Making Arsenal a haven for young players

Arsenal have recruited Sven Mislintat, the “Diamond Eye” super scout, to deliver the club a wealth of talented youth to bring through into the first team. In his short time at the club we have already heard many names mentioned: Pavon, Lozano, Malcom, Sessegnon, along with, the signing of Mavropanos. Mislintat has earned his prestige amongst Europe by picking out hidden gems who have turned into great players, Mavropanos is another example of this, no one had heard of him until Sven arrived and now he’s one of our most exciting propositions. Arsenal already have a wealth of options in the youth academy’s and Sven’s approach to transfers will only strengthen this further. However, in his first window at Arsenal we have also seen how he can deliver on the big name level; signing Aubameyang for a club record fee and agreeing for Mkhitaryan to be part of the Sanchez swap deal (we got the better deal).

This brings me onto the haven. Arsenal was once one of the most attractive places for a young player to come to. They knew they would develop and gradually be integrated into first team football. However, in recent years this has not been the case. We have seen little production from our academy’s and the ones that have been given the chance have failed to force a place into the first team. At the moment, we have Niles, Nelson, Nketiah, Willock, Holding who have all broken into the first team. The closest are Holding and Niles to a starting spot, the rest still need time. We should start to see Arsenal bring through more young players because of the talent our current crop of players possess and the approach Sven takes towards signing young players. Furthermore, to develop our haven further we need a different approach of coaching and new personnel in the staff. We have seen the failure of our youth players who have broken through and this has to be down to our coaching. It is clear to see they have the talent to succeed and with Sczezeny criticising the style and low standard of coaching currently at the club, it does not come as a surprise that the fall of players such as Alex Iwobi have happened. The perfect manager for this style of managing the club is Leonardo Jardim. Whilst he would not be my first choice, Allegri would, he is certainly second and a close second at that. He has consistently over performed for Monaco, transforming young, promising players into stars and then selling them for profit season in season out whilst achieving success. If Arsenal were to go down this new system of management then Jardim is the man to lead us forward. An expert of developing youth and finding ways to integrate into the team. Tactically astute and the style of football he brings is exciting attacking football which encourages the players to have the freedom to express themselves on the pitch.

Arsenal are a club who currently have no chance in competing with the financial fire powers of Manchester City, Manchester United or Chelsea. That is why this new approach is so alluring. We would be sticking to the morals and DNA that this club has set and been built on whilst achieving success by spending less money on world beating talent and more on potential world beating talent. This is not to say we won’t see marquee signings, just not 4/5 as a team such as Man City can afford. It is far more rewarding and satisfying to bring through a young player and watch him develop into a top one, it comes with its benefits. 1. The player will love the club for being integral to their rising success. 2. It is a sustainable system which will be respected more than buying your way to a title. 3. It would give Arsenal a higher chance in signing the best young players in Europe because they know they will get game time and there will be no better place to develop into a top player.

There are a lot of big decisions that need to be made by the club. This is just one of them and it has to be seriously considered. We currently have a strong crop of youth players and a good set of top players. If we take this approach we must bring in both marquee signings paired with young players so that we don’t drop below the levels of our rivals whilst giving a chance to the youth.

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