Aaron Ramsey : The Polished Leader

I am writing this to tell everyone the importance of one of the most underrated players in our squad i.e Aaron Ramsey. He joined us in the summer of 2008 when he was just 17 years old dumping Manchester united in favour of us. He will soon complete 10 years at the club & i just can’t understand the hate surrounding him by some part of our fanbase. He always does his work expertly and i have never heard him complain about anything. He is a thorough professional and by the looks of it he loves the club too. The English core of our club is vanishing slowly but we have two players ( Ramsey & Wilshere) in our hands who describe Arsenals values & principles perfectly and we should do everything in our power to keep them. They both at this time are very pivotal to our club.

Coming back to Aarons case solely, he is a player who hardly ever has a bad game. You can surely question his defensive responsibilities sometimes but that this the case with almost every player in our squad(because of our style of play). He is a big game player who has scored the winner twice in the cup final. He is one of the most hardworking players we have, runs tirelessly and mostly covers the highest ground. His late runs are one of the best in the world and i am sure there are many top teams waiting to sign him if we don’t do enough to keep him. It is clear that he really gives a damn about the club, specially after hearing about his spats with some players ( Koss in that Sanchez saga) and questioning the team’s direction when we collapsed mid season. He certainly is one of the best box to box midfielders in the world and their aren’t many players capable of doing what Aaron can do. He is Arsenal’s top scorer among the current crop of players & only player since Fabregas to both score and assist 50 goals each. These stats surely show his quality.

At 27, he is at the peak of his powers and has proved that this season also. He has contributed to 17 of our goals ( 7 goals & 10 assists ) in only 23 appearances. That is a commendable return from a central midfielder that too in an underperforming team. He is our second highest scorer(after Laca) & the best in providing(along with Özil) this season. Most will also agree that he has performed consistently this season in every game. He has been one of the few players in the squad who can say that they have had a good season. I know his injury record is something which can be questioned but i think he can shrug that off with some more work. The undeserved hate he gets is really uncalled for specially from our own fanbase.

In the end I would like to only say that Aaron is through & through a Gunner and we should all admire the unique qualities he has as a player. We’ll be foolish to sell him at this time specially after selling most of our long serving players. His type of quality doesn’t come by easily and we should appreciate what we already have. Renewing his contract should be our utmost priority at this time and the money he has been demanding is well deserved for a player at the peak of his powers.

Tejasvi Bhandari

( SaviAfc on Twitter )

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