Burnley VS Arsenal: Match Review




one nillAfter a brilliant game last week that saw Arsenal beat their bitter rivals 2-0, the team went to Turf Moor full of confidence. Burnley have over performed so far this season and went into the game level on points with the Gunners.  Arsene Wenger must have been extremely happy with the performance that the squad put in last weekend as he chose the same lineup apart from the MOTM Mesut Ozil, who was missing due to Illness.

The game started off slowly for Arsenal with the home side looking the most dangerous. In the 9th minute Burnley had a huge penalty call that was luckily flagged offside before the foul could be called. Burnley continued to put pressure on with lots of crosses being put into the Arsenal box. The Gunners defence looked like a completely different set of players compared to the unit that managed to keep  clean sheet against Tottenham. The first huge chance of the game was smashed of the post by Burnleys MOTM Gudmunsson.

After soaking up lots of pressure Arsenal were able to use the pace of Alexandre Lacazette to create a dangerous counter attack. Lacazette pushed the ball past the fullbacks and made a darting run down the wing. The Frenchman put a fantastic, Mesut esc ball into the box towards Aaron Ramsey, who smashed the ball past the post. This attack gave the Gunners some momentum but nothing came from it. Lots of the attacks that Arsenal created were slowed down and stopped by Iwobi’s sloppy play and lack of vision. In my opinion he was the worst player on the pitch today.

The teams went into the break at 0-0

Arsenal came out with a spring in their step after half time. They put none stop pressure on the Burnley defence, but due to a Sean Dyche masterclass, the gunners attacks continued to lead to nothing.

The last two meetings with Burnley have been won in added time and today was no different. Arsenal didnt stop fighting all game and a push in the back on Ramsey in the box led to a 92 minute penalty. Because for some reason, Arsene Wenger doesn’t think that Lacazette can play for 90 minutes, the penalty was given to Alexis Sanchez. Alexis slotted the penalty into the back of the net and sent the Gooners back into the top 4. We might not have deserved the three points but it is a huge result for us. On to the next one.

alexis goal


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