Granit Xhaka – Future Captian of Arsenal

Some say Granit Xhaka is Arsene Wenger worst signing to date, he made his way to Arsenal On 25 May 2016, from Borussia Mönchengladbach for a fee of around £30–35m. At 25 it was a signing that most Arsenal fans thought why as questions were asked

Is this young player any good ?

Who is he ?

Arsenal fans quickly turned to you tube to get a glimpse of the new signing. Many were impressed with what they saw. But fans have quickly turned against the young swiss player.

Granit Xhaka Stats

2016/17 – Many stats back and watch the new young signing wanting instant sucseess, with a few left wondering a at the end of the season did he live up to the youtube hype.

  • 32 appearances
  • 2 goals
  • 90% pass accuracy
  • 34 chances created
  • 35% shot accuracy
  • 2 defensive errors

My biggest problem last season for Xhaka was the 2 red cards 4 yellow cards. I always say the first season of most players coming to the premier league is a season of finding their way.

Paul Pogba first season stats

  • 30 appearances
  • 5 goals
  • 85% pass accuracy
  • 57 chances created
  • 42% shot accuracy
  • 1 defensive error


2017/18 – after 11 in and  Xhaka stats are already looking better then his first season

  • 3 assists
  • 12 chances created
  • 43% shot accuracy
  • 83% pass accuracy
  •  1 defensive
  • 2 yellow cards.

As many know I’m a huge fan of Xhaka his a player who want to be at Arsenal and want to play for the badge. I was always a huge fan of Sanchez but the way his conducted himself his lost me.

My biggest problem with Xhaka is his a little bit erratic, i like a player who takes a risk with a long shot at goal. But his odd bad pass is what sticks in many fans minds especially if we go on and lose.

I can see Xhaka only getting better and better as he continues his time at Arsenal. When i look into the Arsenal team i just wonder how many will still be there in two years time. This may come back to bite me but i can still see Xhaka at Arsenal. He has ambitions to lead the club to the next chapter and with a little more maturity i can see him doing well. his a born leader is a born leader who captain Mönchengladbach at a tender age of of 22.

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