Where is our Captain?

I briefly wrote about this a few weeks ago but feel that after yesterdays performance I need to know ‘we’re is our captain’? When you look at our past captains O’Leary, Adams, Vieira or Henry and dare I say Fabregas, they all captained with a desire, passion and a love of playing for the club and badge.

We have now played three of the top six teams, Chelsea, Liverpool and City and out of a possible 9 points we have mustered 1 point. This is not shocking news to us though as in 2011 we lost 8-2 away to Man United and then in February 2014 when we lost away to Liverpool 5-1. Watching the game yesterday when we went 1 down, I looked to see the reaction of the players and was disappointed to see not one player encouraging the other players. They all had their heads down and looking at the floor. It’s like no one wants the responsibility that they have gone a goal down.

This is where our captain need to stand up and go ‘ok they’ve scored now let’s go up there and score ourselves’. But no, as soon as we concede a goal our heads drop and it’s like they are all thinking here we go again. The mentality in our club is embarrassing but do I think the players are going out on the pitch and playing for Wenger. In two weeks we play Tottenham in the NLD and the players need to be up for this one.

It hurts me to write this but at the moment Tottenham are miles ahead of us. I would hope that the players will be up for this game as it’s one of the most important games of the season. Where club pride is on the line and where the manager and the players should know how important this fixture is to the fans. So when we play our next game I want to see our line up more organised and if we happen to concede first I don’t want to see players drop there heads.



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