We want our Arsenal back.

It’s been 13 years since we properly put a title challenge together and won the league. Not since the invincibles have we even come close to looking like winning the league. I looked at our squad at the start of the season and I genuinely thought that this could be the season that we challenge for the league. This could be the season we have all been waiting for, when Arsenal finally compete and challenge for every game and put a title challenge together.

But no, the same story. A sluggish start, dropping silly points and losing vital games. It frustrates me as a fan when we have the capability to challenge but we’re letting off the field policies get in the way. Like contracts running down to the last year, players unrest and board members not backing the club. How did our beloved club get into this much turmoil?

When we moved to the emirates stadium we were promised that we would eventually be able to compete with the richest clubs in Europe but I feel that we have gone backwards since we have moved into our new stadium and it’s handcuffed us in the transfer market. For years we have had to put listen to “when the stadium is paid off we will have the financial capability to compete in the market “. Well the stadium is paid off and I’m yet to see us competing with the European giants.

Fair enough I understand that we don’t have a billionaire owner like Chelsea and Manchester City and that our owner can’t throw money at Arsene when he needs it but it would be nice for us to be able to negotiate with a player and club and not have to penny pinch every time. With Sanchez and Ozil’s contracts coming to the end this season I can’t help but ask why has it come to this again? Why wasn’t there contracts sorted before they even started there final year?

We also go into next season with half a dozen players entering there final year. With the AGM today I can’t help but feel that there is a lot the fans aren’t being told with a lot of unanswered questions. Its been 13 years since we last won a league trophy and if it were possible I would move back to Highbury in a heartbeat. Like any true Arsenal fan I want my Arsenal back



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