Arsenal v Norwich player Ratings as Eddie Nketiah bags a double

Fans defiantly got their money worth as the game went into extra time, full time ended as both teams were level, with one goal each. Arsenal were poor our first half we offered next to nothing in attack it wasn’t until Nketiah who came on for Nelson in the 85th minute when we finally seen some attack from Arsenal. Im going to be pretty harsh on the ratings here today. When you see a player who comes on in the 85th minute get MOM that pretty much sums up how the rest of the players were.

Macey – 8 

Was exposed for goal but helped keep Arsenal in tie with saves from Oliveira and Murphy.

Debuchy – 5 

Mixed bag performance. Had moments where I was so thankful to have his veteran presence back there and moments where I was left wondering where that veteran presence was

Elneny – 2 

He was bad on so many levels, i really don’t know where to start playing CB but kept drifting up as though he was a midfielder. Can someone let him know pass forward not sideways the goals in front. Im sorry some may disagree an i hate been so negative toward a player wearing the Arsenal shirt but please let him either go on loan in January or add him to the transfer list. Very poor with absolutely no idea in what he was doing.


Holding – 6

Probably our best defender today he wasn’t overworked and went close to scoring with first-half header.

Nelson – 7

Pushed back by Murphy but positive every time he went forward.

Coquelin – 2 

Made little impact on the game other than being booked for rash foul he offered absolute nothing today.

Wilshere – 6

It wasn’t Jack best performance as he played back in central midfield. He has looked better playing further forward this season. Not talking anything away from Jack though i think he was just frustrated he tried really hard but other around him didn’t make things easy.

Maitland-Niles – 5

Passed up two good opportunities to shoot when he chose to pass instead. Wasn’t the

Walcott – 4

Another poor performer has he was named captain for the night but failed to lead by example. Poor crosses, poor shots maybe it just wasn’t his night. this is the probelm i have with Walcott no consitancy this was a night he really could of shined.

Iwobi – 5

Was robbed of possession just before the goal. Not his night.

Giroud – 5

Another ineffective display, this time not rescued by a wonder goal.


Akpom (for Maitland-Niles 70) – 6

He wasn’t too bad tried hard cam on in the 70th minute. Showcased some good dribbling and passing, as the ability to pop up in dangerous positions.


Nketiah (for Nelson 85) MOTM – 10 

Its not often we talk about subs but a star was born tonight, i don’t want to put the kid up on a pedestal but when he came on you could just see the change in our side. He was the difference of us winning and losing this match.


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  1. The performance and Attitude of Walcott and Giroud epitomises why Arsenal won’t win the Premier ier league or the Champions pioneer league . Serial winners like Ferguson’s Man Utd had that character ingrained into them , they wanted to win at all costs no material who the opposition was or what competition they were playing in . We cant have players sulking and ambling Boutique because they feel the Carabao Cup or the Europa is beneath them . Play your heart out and give 110% for every match as you have the youth team looking up to you for inspiration and guidance . I think we need psychological coaches to help improve our mentality especially in the big games where we tend to crumble.


    • Apologies for the horrible reply . Spell check and predictive text messed it up . You need an edit function so we can go back to correct our grammar /mistakes.


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