What is Happening to Arsenal ?

Where has that beautiful play gone ?

What really is happening to Arsenal ?

Where has WengerBall gone ?

Where is the desire ? Where has that old excitement gone ?

These are the some questions I associate with Arsenal right now & these are the questions I never asked even when we had the likes of Bendtner,Chamakh,Silvestre, Squillaci etc. in our team because even then we played the most beautiful football in the premier league. We could have questioned the teams ruthlessness back then but we all can agree that we were the most exciting team to watch even back then. That excitement has vanished & the atmosphere created by the team is bad. WengerBall is hardly present anymore that is mainly down to the formation change. With 3 at the back, we are surely better defensively but we look really weak & clueless at times offensively, that is mainly down to the fact that there is a man less in midfield as well as in the attacking positions. There is a lack of balance in this team. We hardly dominate a game in midfield anymore which has been our forte under wenger, we were known as the team of influential midfielders not so long back but now its just not the case. We are not potent enough, we are lacking that killer edge which we always had over opponents where we were technically better than most of the teams in premier league. There is a clear lack of desire & leadership at times in this team, most of it is down to the recent recruitment of players and the formation change which I really can’t associate with wenger’s Arsenal. I feel our squad depth is really good but that depth doesn’t have the required quality or it is not coming out in the current formation. We are not trying to win the games anymore, in fact we are not acting like a top club which doesn’t connect with Arsenal. We know our injury record & still we were more interested in selling than buying this summer. Its only October & 3 Cb’s are already out with injury which can be termed as a defensive crisis already and there is no real cover for our first choice full backs. Only management can be blamed for such decisions, because we were told that we are selling only to buy more players which never happened. Two of our best players are about to leave the club which is also causing some disarray around the club & its not that we didn’t knew they are going to leave but we never cared to replace them in due time or got a new player who will take some time to settle at the club. We clearly miss the likes of Cazorla as he is the one who helps us dominate a game, thats why I desperately want Jack to be starting week in & week out because from the current crop of available players, he’s the only one who can bring that excitement back. Our away form looks worryingly bad. Teams don’t fear our football anymore & they show more fight and collectiveness than us. I really hope someone takes the initiative & try to change the current situation within the club.

We really could do with some clarity about the club in current scenario as future doesn’t look bright and that is causing the fans & the other people associated with the club to be negative which is not right for this great club. I really hope something changes fast & for good. I want our old Arsenal back even if we are not spending much but we really shouldn’t be going backwards.

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Thank you for reading , i hope you connected with it. All your comments are welcome.


Tejasvi Bhandari ( @SaviAfc on Twitter )

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