Arsenal Frustration

It’s very easy to get frustrated being an Arsenal fan. On paper we have a squad that is capable of competing with any of the teams in the Premiership but that all to familiar feeling came along when the international games had finished and I looked at our next game; Watford away. I’m not going to turn my blog into a Arsenal bashing but I get increasingly frustrated at the amount of times in a season that we lose these type of matches.

As someone pointed out to me the other day, at games like Watford our players should need no motivation what so ever. This is quite a good fixture to come back to, a chance to make a statement, get some goals and make a move up the table. We got off to a good start and dominated the first half with Mertesacker scoring our goal. We go 1-0 up and are looking good but that’s when I start to question what happened next.

What goes on at half time? What does Arsene say? What does Steve Bould do?Whatever went on in that changing room sent out a completely different Arsenal team that played in the first half. I mean ok, it wasn’t a penalty – shocking decision by the referee, but if Ozil had scored that chance to go 2-0 instead of hitting straight at Gomis we wouldn’t be talking about the penalty. If Ozil wants £250,000-£300,000 a week, I want that player to score those chances, stand up and to be the man worth that amount.

So after Watford levelled to make 1-1 we just crumbled. Watford were more organised in the second half and Deeney coming on helped them as well. Is Deeney right in saying that we don’t have any stomach for a fight? Do we lack the hunger and fire for when the going gets tough? Using the excuse that players have come back from international duty is getting old. I do also think that Deeney was borderline offside but our defending for their winner was shambolic. Why was no one saying it’s 1-1 let’s take the draw and go home? Let’s tighten up at the back for the last few minutes?

What worries me now is that we now go to Everton on Sunday and even though Everton are not on a good run at the moment you know that they will turn up Sunday. What I don’t want to see is what happened on Saturday. We take the lead, Everton level up and we crumble and go on to lose. We don’t want to ruin all that good work we had done before the break .



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