How Important is October

Looking at upcoming premier league matches in October,his is an important month as the ladder is very close from 1st to 8th with only 7 points separating 8th place Watford to 1st place Manchester City.

Manchester City Currently 1st on 19 points – Next three games Stoke, Burnley and West Brom Albion. Predictions win all three games giving them 9 Points leaving them 1st on 28 points.

Manchester United Currently 2nd on 19 points – Next three games Liverpool, Huddersfield Town and Tottenham. Predictions 5 points draw against Liverpool, draw against Tottenham, Win against Huddersfield leaving them with 25 points. If they win all three games then this puts Manchester United on 28 with Manchester City.

Tottenham Currently 3rd on 14 points – Next three games Bournemouth, Liverpool & Manchester United . Predictions 3 points over Bournemouth, Draw against Liverpool, Draw Against Manchester United. Giving them 5 points out of next three games putting them on 19 points.

Chelsea Currently 4th on 13 points – Next three games Crystal Palace, Watford, Bournemouth. I see Chelsea winning all three games giving them 9 points which would put them on 22.

Arsenal Currently 5th on 13 points – Next three games Watford, Everton and Swansea. Predictions winning all three games would put us on 22 points.

Liverpool Currently 7th on 12 points – Next three games Manchester United, Tottenham and Huddersfield Town. 5 points from three games pus Liverpool on 17 points.


If all my predictions are correct come end of October the ladder will look something like this.

Manchester City – 28

Manchester United – 25 

Arsenal – 22

Chelsea – 22

Tottenham – 19 

Liverpool – 17 

I didn’t put Burnley (6th) or Watford (8th) into the equation although they have been playing good football. I feel they will be fighting it out from 6th and down with a list of other teams. October teams also have Champions League matches, Europa league and Carabao Cup matches in-between injuries to key players will could be critical.

Arsenal need to make sure we win all three games locking in all 9 points. I want us on nothing less then 22 points come end of October.

Let us know your predictions for October





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