Moley – Arsenal Update



Ozil has recently been linked to Manchester United, Real Madrid & Barcelona I’m not breaking any news here but Goal and Metro you are bullshitters. As I tweeted last week Arsenal will offer both Sanchez & Ozil a revised contract. If they decline then both will be sold in January.


The media have been trolling Arsenal fans and will continue with headlines like Ozil to Manchester United. Arsenal have themselves to blame for this, the boys said on the podcast it’s a disgrace the way negotiations have been handled.

Summing up Ozil & Sanchez

Ozil – 70% chance he will stay on negotiations are now been handled by Josh Kroenke, Arsenal are confident they can get a deal done.

Sanchez – 10% chance of staying it’s no secret Sanchez wants to move, however is the grass greener on the other side of the fence.

Jack Wilshere 

Talks have begun with Jack Wilshere this will be interesting as Jack may be looking at a significant pay cut to stay at Arsenal. Jack is in no rush to sign a new deal as he hopes to break back into the first team and stay injury free. You may hear Reports come out that Jack is linked to this club that club. These rumours will be leaked by his agent to get a better contract at Arsenal.


Another bullshitters story been leaked is Sanchez in a swap deal for Draxler this will not happen ever move on my friends. Also a few have asked me if any truth in Martial to Arsenal as Sanchez replacement. Wenger has defiantly looked at him as a potential replacement but would Morhino let him go to Wenger ?


Martial is a promising talent bought in by Louis Van Gaal this is one thing that goes in Wenger favour, Martial is not a Morhino player. So I’m not ruling out a move however Manchester United will ask for a hefty fee if they decide to let him go. Wait and see to early to call. 

Kroenke and Usmanov

According to Forbes, Kroenke is worth £6.2b while Usmanov is valued at £12.1b, as of October 10 2017. Kroenke will not sell to Usmanov and Usmanov will not sell to Kroenke the only chance of these shares been divided up is if Dangote offers to buy out either shares. Forbes values Dangote at £13.2b.

This is a dangerous game my friends, personally Moley prefers the devil i know then the devil i don’t. When i see billionaires opening their big mouths wanting to invest into Arsenal my first question is why ?

Fans don’t like Stan Kroenke is because he doesn’t spend a cent of his own money on players. Stan runs Arsenal as a business and fans don’t like that. Stan is a sports tycoon who knows what he is doing end of story. Plonkers everywhere prefer Usmanov or Dangote just for their money to buy players. Do you want Arsenal to be the next PSG is this why you started supporting Arsenal. Because this is not Arsenal we are not PSG and will never be a Qatar owned money spending PSG. If you want Arsenal to be the next PSG save us all your time and support PSG now. Moley always hear complaining every transfer window. Why can’t we spend, why didn’t we buy that player. Ask yourself why did you start supporting Arsenal and what do you want from your club.


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