Two For Free !! 

It’s very rare you see two for free, well not if your an arsenal fan. First Sanchez and now Ozil. As reports swirl around, according to metro Ozil would like a move to Manchester United, Real Madrid or Fc Barcelona. Regardless if these reports are true, my gripe is as my headline reads Two for free. 

Im not sure who’s doing the negotiations of new contracts at Arsenal, but let me say this if I was the boss I’d be showing them the door. How can you let your two best players your two stars leave for free. It’s unheard of in football. Once negotiations for the two players broke down place them on the transfer list and get what you can for them. Last transfer window If it was handeled properly Sanchez could of fetched a fee of £45m and Ozil £30m. But now they are both likely to walk away for free next season I just shake my head. 

Oh and it will get worse not only will we miss out on transfer fees for these two players we will have to shell out a small fourtune to replace them, as every football team around the would will know Arsenal are desperate. Some suggest Draxler and Lemar are the two players Arsenal will go for Lemar will be £80m plus whilst Draxler £60m plus and yet we snob a potential £75m in transfers for Sanchez & Ozil. 

The decision for these players to stay on this season a decision by a crazy man, Who’s thinking with his heart not his head. No player is bigger then the club it’s simple business. 

Let us know your thoughts on the situation in the comments below. 


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