Stan Kroenke




April 10 2011 will always be a date printed in the history of Arsenal. It was the day that Stan took his stock in Arsenal to 62.89% .
So what do we know about Enos Stanley Kroenke, who also owns the NFL team LA Rams, NBA team Denver Nuggets and NHL team Colorado Avalanche and MLS outfit Colorado Rapids?
As an owner of a premiership club I believe that Mr Kroenke hasn’t done enough for our football club. In today’s football you have a lot of clubs with foreign owners. Clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea all have high powered, rich owners that are prepared to put money into their clubs and bring in world class players to win trophies.

So while other teams have been getting better I feel that as a club we have gone backwards. We went through a stage when we were selling our best players to fund transfers i.e. Henry, Van Persie and not forgetting Sami Nasri. I feel that for the past 6 years that Kroenke has been using Arsenal football club as a giant bank and living off what ever interest the club gives him. It’s been 14 years since we last won the league and we haven’t looked like winning it once if I’m being honest.
Like I said with all the money that the top 4 clubs are getting from their owners we always seem to penny pinch with everything. Take the summer just gone, we managed to string out a transfer target the whole window and once again we failed to get the job done. What is wrong with our negotiation tactics? Other teams manage get them done in 2-3 days and move on. They end up signing 3-4 players, whilst we spend the whole transfer window trying to sign Thomas Lamer.

Then on  transfer dead line day we put in a £92 million offer for the player. You could hear a pin drop from sky sports studio when that got released. I mean why would you pay £92 million for a player, when you were haggling for £40-50 million in the first place; it doesn’t make sense. So I ask you what is the point in Stan Kroenke? Does he want a club that is successful or does he want a club that will build his bank balance?

Me, as a fan wants him out gone. I want my Arsenal back to the glory days when the manager, the board and the owners were Arsenal.





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