My passion for Arsenal



When I get off at Finsbury Park station I start to feel the butterflies of excitement when I start to walk down St Thomas Road past the all the burger vans . The Northbank looms into view as you get to the end of the street.

Back in the glory days you would turn left then right with the Northbank standing tall and proud . I have seen many great games at Highbury such as the cup winners cup against Torino with a Tony Adams late goal. Which we later then went on to win against Parma with a smudgier Alan Smith goal and the famous 1-0 to the Arsenal.

Ian Wright 5 minute hat trick against Ipswich when we were building the north bank. I also had the pleasure of seeing Thierry Henry score his 50th goal against Southampton. A 5-1 win against Crystal Palace with another Thierry Henry strike on goal. Not forgetting the invincible season which is very unlikely to happen again.

So now when I get to the bottom of St Thomas Road, you turn right past the Arsenal tube station and over the bridge where the Arsenal badge hits you full glare. It’s on the left, in full view and greeting you as you get ever close to the stadium.

Win, lose or draw I will always be a Gooner. I love being a Gooner and I love everything about the Arsenal. I love the fact that we are a classy club and have done everything in the past with a touch of class. But some decisions over the last couple of years have had me questioning my beloved club. We have had a turbulent few years with many of the fans divided on where the club direction is going.


#WeAreTheArsenal #ForeverAGooner

@Weener14 ⚪️🔴


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