Life without Sanchez 

Sanchez to Manchester City. Was the leading headline on deadline day. However he remained an Arsenal player for the time been. I have heard plenty of mixed debate. “i wish he left on the other side I’m glad he stayed. Under the circumstances I’m glad he stayed, as we were never going to get a replacement on deadline day. 

Sanchez is by far the best player for Arsenal but his attitude stinks, for a player to decide on deadline day that he would like to go just sucks for any team or manager. However i do blame Arsenal officials here it seems like they have held onto Sanchez against his will. I understand he signed a contract with Arsenal, but that’s why we have transfer fees. Seeing him leave for free next year, is stupid business. Lots of clubs know we will be in the market for a replacement and Arsenal expect to pay a hefty price for that replacement.

Now the question all of us fans want to know is will we live life without Sanchez, or do we look for a replacement in January? 

I really can’t see Arsenal competing without a replacement. I feel we need to look for that replacement in January giving the new player time to gel with the squad. 

Who would that replacement be, I see a lot of followers on twitter go with the latest trend. it seemed every Arsenal fan wanted Lemar and Seri but how many of us actually knew much about these two players.

 Every window Draxler also gets a mention but do we really know what he could offer at Arsenal and is Draxler at the same level as Sanchez ? My first thought looking at Draxler I don’t feel he is on that level but could become that player with time. 

Other names been mentioned Isco, Mertens, Insigne, Carrasco and Forsberg. None of these players are from the premier league and if these are our targets it’s important to make it happen in January. 

There are two players that come to mind who currently play premier league football Mahrez and Sterling. Mahrez defiantly want out of Leicester and could be a player to stand up at Arsenal. Sterling would be in the outta if Sanchez was to end up at City. Both these players are not world class like Sanchez however they could become world class at Arsenal. 

What ever we do I just hope we don’t leave it to the last week of the window in 2018. Let me know who you would like as Sanchez replacement and should we look at  a replacement in January. 


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