Europa league

What have I just witnessed.. I have just endured the worst half of football I have ever possibly watched. I am actually embarrassed for the club and angered at the fact there getting paid this much money!

Let’s get down to the details! So this is Arsenals first appearance in Europa League for 20 years, Europa League is a good trophy, nothing should be taken away from this competition. Facing the facts though this competition is not Europes elite teams and Arsenal who keep claiming there self a big club are struggling to beat a side who is bottom of the Bundesliga. This is disgraceful. How can you claim to be a top club if you can’t beat a weak German team at home?

Arsenal have gone into half time trailing 1-0 to Cologne. Take nothing away from the goal as it was a terrific strike from 45 yards! Firstly the goal came from a sloppy clearance from the keeper (Ospina) this is why Ospina has never be able to step up to world class as he is too sloppy and makes way to many mistakes. Unfortunately for him he’s to sloppy and clumsy and has cost Arsenal a goal.

Arsenal have put out a strong team, Bellerin, Sanchez, Giroud. This should be a walk in the park. But for reason whole team is deflated. It’s like they don’t want it? I’ve never seen Arsenal play football this bad in years. There’s no movement from the front 3 , Sanchez has over hit more passes then he’s made. Walcott is his same old rubbish self not doing anything. It’s a disaster! Wenger needs some serious words for the 2nd half.



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