Does Arsene do his homework ? 

I was at work today and I was talking to a friend of mine and the conversation steered towards how much preparation does Arsene do on each team we play week in, week out. For example I was watching the Stoke Vs Man United game on Sunday and was surprised on how poor United were at the back. But the question you have to ask yourself, was the Man United defence playing bad or were the Stoke players just well drilled by Mark Hughes?

Let me take you back to the FA cup tie against Preston when Giroud announced they were surprised by the way Preston played. How can you be surprised, for one it’s the FA cup and two they were at home with a great chance of a giant killing. 

All you have to do is take a look at all our big games. We have a terrible record against the top four. Then if you take the Champions League games against Munich, the perfect time to play the first leg to our advantage and keep it tight at the back he decides to match up with them. I’ve lost count the amount of times we’ve played Stoke or WBA and I’ve said we know how they’re gonna play, they will keep it tight at the back and hit you on the break and surprise, that’s exactly what happens. 

Why can’t wenger just say to the midfield, for the first half you don’t go in front of the ball, get to halftime and assess it then. Which brings me finally to Sunday against Chelsea. I have a gut feeling that Arsene will match what ever Chelsea does but my concern is whats to stop Conte from throwing a curve ball and flooding the midfield? If that happens then we are in massive trouble.

So this is why I ask the question how much homework does Arsene do or does he just focus on his own team ? 

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