Arsenal in Europa League 

For 21 years we have sat down every Tuesday and Wednesday night to watch the Arsenal in the champions league but for the first time in years we will play our first game on a Thursday night. If we were truly honest with ourselves, I’m surprised that we did not play on a Thursday a lot sooner. 
For quite a few years now we have been covering the cracks in our squad and narrowly scraping a top 4 place. While other teams have been catching up or even passing us we were just happy to sit back and count on the fact that we would finish 4th or even win a cup (FA Cup) to whet the appetite of the fans for next season. We haven’t had the best of starts to the season with two wins and two loses and for now the Sanchez saga is put to bed and Mustafi stayed. 
I ask the question, what team will we put out Thursday night. Will it be like the League cup games with a mixture of experience and youth, or will Arsene treat it like the champions league and put out the strongest side possible? Personally, I would play the strongest side possible play to win the whole thing and get back to the champions league. It frustrates me when some players wanted to move because they wanted champions league this year. But as Arsene rightly pointed out (and I don’t often agree with what he says normally) you have to stay and put right what went wrong. 
So as I wait for the inevitable to happen I feel a sense of anticipation and excitement about Thursday. This could this be the kick up the backside that the players need and give them some much needed fire in their bellies. Maybe we took the champions league for granted, I don’t know. It’s question I can’t answer but it will be fun finding out. #ForeverAGooner #WeAreTheArsenal


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