Reiss-Nelson – Scout Report

Reiss-Nelson – Scout Report

Reiss-Nelson is a name which has been mentioned many times by fans, pundits and players alike, especially in the past few months. At just 17 years old, Reiss-Nelson is being touted as one of the hottest prospects in youth football, and possibly the hottest prospect currently coming out of Arsenal. In this scout report we look at why Reiss-Nelson is so highly valued, and why this season could be his breakthrough into the Arsenal senior team, after Wenger revealed he would be stepping up into the senior team during the 2017/2018 campaign.

Who is Reiss-Nelson?

Reiss-Nelson was born on the 10th of December, 1999 in Elephant and Castle, England. After impressing several Arsenal scouts, Reiss-Nelson was brought into the Arsenal youth academy. He went on to make his youth team debut in the 2014/2015 as an U15. During the 2015/2016 campaign he then went on to become a regular, scoring 6 times in 12 appearances. In December 2016, after just turning 17, Reiss-Nelson signed his first professional contract with Arsenal, which will seem to be the first of many.

Reiss-Nelson then went on the represent England at the U17’s Euro’s, scoring 3 times in 4 games, assisting England into the quarter-finals. During the 2015-2016 season, he also made a further 7 appearances for England and scored 8 goals in the process. However, Reiss-Nelson really started coming under the spotlight and appearing on the radar of fans, players and coaches alike during the 2016/2017 campaign. He went on to make 22 U23 appearances, scoring 8 goals and assisting a further 6. His performances caught the eye of Arsene Wenger and since then, Wenger has made it clear that he expects Reiss-Nelson to play in the senior team during the 2017/2018 campaign.

Reiss-Nelson’s Strengths

At just 17 years old, Reiss-Nelson already boasts an arsenal of skills. His strongest position on the pitch would be the central attacking midfield role, but he can also be used in the right wing or right midfield role. Interestingly, during the pre-season tour of 2017/2018, Reiss-Nelson was played a few times in the RWB role, which could mean he has the possibility of being a long term replacement for Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain in that role if Arsenal continue to use a system with 3 at the back. This shows Reiss-Nelsons incredible adaptability on the football pitch, which also suggest he could thrive in many other positions and formations at Arsenal.

Firstly, his most noticeable asset which catches the eyes of those who have seen him play, would be his ability to easily get past a player in a 1v1 situation. His quick feet, skilful nature and turn of pace are all combined with great affect, which causes problems for defenders as they always have to be on the back foot. His close ball control and effortless dribbling also allow him to get from one end of the pitch to another, vitalising his great acceleration and top speed. His positioning and off ball movement is also one of his stronger assets, allowing him to make dangerous runs into the box.

Reiss-Nelson is also known by many for his incredible composure and finishing in front of goal at such a young age, allowing him to rack up 6 goals in 16 PL2 appearances last season. He already looks like bettering that tally this season as he has already put away 5 goals in 3 games, which in turn has seen him nominated for the PL2 player of the month. Furthermore, his passing ability is also not to go unnoticed, showing a good range of long and short passing, creating a further 6 goals in the 2016/2017 PL2 campaign.

Lastly, his determination to get better and improve every day is something that seems to go relatively unnoticed. He is said to be one of the players who gives it all in every training session, striving to become a better overall player and improve in the vital aspects of his game, whether from technical to mental skills. This can also be reflected on the pitch, as Reiss-Nelson is a very hard worker for the team and always puts in a good work rate no matter what.

Reiss-Nelsons Weaknesses

At a young age of just 17, there is still a lot for Reiss-Nelson to learn on and off the football pitch in order for his continued impressive development. One of the more noticeable things that Reiss-Nelson could need to work on would be his physicality. Standing at just 5ft and 8 inches, Reiss-Nelson isn’t the largest of players. It could be said that he may struggle to adapt to the physicality and demanding nature of the premier league, as his strength in physical and aerial duels could be put to the test.

Another major factor could be his mental strength. Does he currently have what it takes mentally to cope with the pace and technicality of the Premier League, the toughest league in the world? It would be very demanding on a 17 year old to step up into an Arsenal team where he would be expected to preform week in and week out. However, given his show of resilience and determination, I believe Reiss-Nelson has all the mental aspects to use his technical aspects to his full potential.


To conclude, it really is easy to see why Reiss-Nelson is being touted as one of the hottest and most exciting youth prospects coming out of the Arsenal academy. His style of play will slot right into Arsenals system and his adaptability will allow him to shine in any position he is put into. All I can say is that this could be a massive season for Reiss-Nelson to break through in and show why he could be what Arsenal need. Arsenal fans, be excited about this boy, because in this season and many seasons to come, he will show you what he is made of.

By, Oliver Dobinson.

Twitter – @CETScout

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