Who is culpable for the recent Debacle: Board , Kroenke or Wenger ?

We started the pre season with a bold statement by Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis which said finishing 5th in the league was so called ‘Catalyst for Change’. Since then the Arsenal chief executive has been made to look like a fool due to recent activities at the club which only suggests a change towards mediocrity.

Instead of spending some money, Arsenal have ended the transfer window with the profit of around 25 million pounds which clearly indicates the lack of ambition at the club right now.

Most of the people are blaming Board for giving Wenger the contract extension while in truth most of the board members including CEO Gazidis wanted him gone this summer. It was Kroenke who being the owner used his power and kept Wenger at the helm for another two years only because he earns him the profits. Kroenke has made it clear in the past that Arsenal is just another business for him, he doesn’t care about the club, fans or trophies. All he cares about is money which is earned in abundance at Arsenal , particularly with wenger in charge. This board has no authority over Wenger and rightly so because there are hardly any football related people in the board, everything goes through Wenger and he is the main man at the club which is wrong as he is not bigger than Arsenal Football Club.

You can’t blame any one party here for the current crisis at the club because the collective failure of all parties has led to this situation. The club is being run wrongly from top to bottom.

Kroenke has no interest in the betterment of the club from a footballing perspective, his sole agenda is to earn money which he is doing. But that is not the kind of ownership we fans want, we want our club to be ambitious & to win trophies like any other top club. We have known his intentions since long and he makes it more clear by only attending a handful of games every year.

Arsenal’s Board has no authority over the clubs manager , there is no proper footballing man in the board and they clearly don’t have clubs best interests at heart which is becoming evident year after year through the clubs failure & their lack of acknowledgement in this matter. We have needed a proper negotiator and a Director of Football since long , probably since Dein left the club but nothing has happened because the main man wenger doesn’t want that. We need Club legends like Vieira, Henry, Adams , Bergkamp etc to work with the club as they will tell the current lot of players what it means to wear the shirt of a great club like Arsenal & the pride associated with it but again Wenger won’t allow that because he doesn’t like proper characters around the club who can question him. Wenger basically doesn’t like a person who will question his decision or try to change his coaching methods which clearly are not working anymore. We can blame everything on The board & Kroenke but Tactical naivety, playing players out of position, not preparing well for the opposition , losing the dressing room & outdated approach to the game are all down to only one man i.e Arsene Wenger. Sometimes i wonder , how a manager who has been in the game for more than 20 years cannot see the problems which every other person can see!

We need changes from top to bottom at our beloved club, from Kroenke to board and up till a new manager. We dreamt of a bright future when we moved from highbury to Emirates but that dream hasn’t materialised at all after 12 years of the move while it looks like Arsenal is falling apart and fans are being lied to every season.This really needs to stop soon & for good!

Your comments are all welcome & thank you for reading. COYGđź’Ş

Tejasvi Bhandari ( @SaviAfc on Twitter )


  1. Until we the fans begin to boycott matches and arsenal events which will lead to loss in revenue, the entire hierarchy will never heed to the wish of the supporters.
    Do they at all consider our emotions and that our heartbeats do depends on the team and how they play. I think when we get Kroenke out all others shall follow.

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  2. Sadly until Kroenke and the board suffer financially, that’s the only thing which would be a catalyst for change. We need Usamanov and Dangote to collaborate on a hostile take over of ARSENAL , with these 2 at the helm the club will prosper as they have a true love for Arsenal

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