Moley Football tells all.

After a very long painful summer for the majority of Arsenal fans the transfer window is now closed. First of all we would like to thank every single one of our followers for making this summer a little bit bearable and the continued support of us.
As you all know, if you’ve been following our account, we’ve promised to reveal everything we know about Arsenal’s transfer window and the dressing room bust up after the Liverpool game. All information we will be telling comes directly from a very well respected Arsenal source who has passed this information to us over the summer. Everyone is welcome to their opinion on the legitimacy of our source but we for one know the high position he holds within the club. We have always prided ourselves on passing EVERY bit of information we have been told whether it be good, bad or damn right outrageous news.

First of all we will start with the dressing room palaver before and after the Liverpool game. As we tweeted out on the Tuesday before the arsenal-Liverpool game Alex oxlade chamberlain was due for contract/crunch talks with Arsenal on the Thursday before the Liverpool game. At this meeting chamberlain, his agent, wenger and a few other senior board members were present at this meeting. Previous to this meeting wenger himself was told all summer by the ox that he was very happy at the club, would sign a new contract and would commit his future to the club and developing as a player in the RWB position. I was told this wasn’t on just one occasion. When the media started reporting that he would not sign a new contract and was not happy at the club, wenger and the board originally believed this was all down to the agent playing games, drumming up a bit of interested so once that interest became concrete the agent was in a better position to negotiate a better contract (higher wages) for his client. This is pretty normal within football and good work from the agent who wants to earn his client the best money possible. Early august we offered the ox a great contract which in my opinion he didn’t deserve as he hasn’t proved himself enough to be on Similar wages to özil and Alexis, but arsenal went ahead and offered a 5 year contract. Wenger was only aware of ox not wanting to sign the contract when a senior player at the club approached wenger and asked him if it was true. Wenger immediately called the ox into his office and asked him if everything was OK and if he had a change of heart. It wasn’t until this moment that the club was aware he wouldn’t sign a new contract, the ox told wenger he didn’t want or like any sort of confrontation and would prefer a proper meeting with his agent present. (This was the meeting scheduled on the Thursday before the Liverpool game). During this meeting, the short version, he didn’t want to stay at the club any longer any didn’t want travel with the squad to the Liverpool game as he made it very clear his desire was to play for Liverpool. Arsene asked him to play as he was a key member of the squad who he needed to help us win the game. We also made it very clear we would not sell him to Liverpool. We told his agent that Liverpool were in direct competition with us and we would not sell to anyone that we would help strengthen and potentially hinder our season. In my personal opinion I thought this showed lack of ambition believing that Chelsea wasn’t our direct rivals and we was below them? I questioned the source and he explained it that we believed the ox would have less chance of playing at Chelsea hence not being a huge risk but at Liverpool would walk into the starting line up and improve the squad. Although I understand I was still shocked.

Game day of the Liverpool match, previous to travelling to the stadium it seems although the ox made a few of his team mates aware of the situation and that he didn’t want to be there. I am told a player approached ox before the game and told him he owes this last game to the fans and the club. A lot of players were upset with the situation and felt like we have a squad of players that don’t even want to play for the club! A player in particular questioned wenger and asked him why on earth he would be starting the ox and Alexis who don’t want to be at the club. The source believes this is Mr Aaron Ramsey. There was a disagreement then between Ramsey and Alexis as Alexis said he was 100% focused on the game. Come half time it was pretty clear no one wanted to win this for our club and our fans. Steve bould didn’t go into the dressing room I was told. After the game an argument continued between Alexis and Ramsey who question him pulling his weight on the pitch, Ramsey questioned our captain and said there was no leadership at the club and said it’s embarrassing that we was letting oxlade chamberlain leave the club. Arsene wenger, I am told, exploded and tore into all of the player, something that I am told has only ever happened once before as after the game wenger believes the players should be left to digest the game and tell themselves which is right and wrong before going through the game during the week via rewatching the matches. Wenger spoke with Alexis after the game.. no agents.. no other players around.. just them two. I’m told it was at this point wenger realised he must sell Alexis aswell as he was worried about his desire to win for the club anymore as he didn’t want to be there. Arsene did ask Alexis to stay but Alexis said he’s worried about the direction of the club as I am aware Alexis was told by Arsenal that we would be making making marquee signings every year to build a club capable of winning the champions league when he first ever signed for arsenal. He believes that promise has been broken. He also believes that not enough players at the club give 100% every game and he doesn’t want to be a part of that. All which I believe is very fair criticism of our beloved club which seems to be falling apart at the seams. This Liverpool game was a REAL eye opener at the problems wenger himself, now knows he faces. He told every player that if they didn’t want to be there come forward now and he will find them a new home as he only wants players there willing to fight for this club.

Arsenal’s transfer business:

Well.. what a mess this was. It all started off so well. Our record signing of Lacazette and the exceptional free transfer of sead kolasinac. Every arsenal fan on the planet believed this was finally our year where we would go out and buy the world class players we have dreamt of for years on end. At the beginning of July I was told lacazette and lemar were our main targets that we wanted wrapped up before Arsenal went on tour. The signing of lemar had no relevance on whether Alexis stayed or went at this point as wenger was adamant that Alexis would be staying and would sign a new contract. Lacazette signed. I then received a very exciting phone call from a very excited source that we’ve basically signed Thomas Lemar, they had given us permission to discuss personal terms, show him round our facilities and a fee had been ‘agreed’ (£30m). Lemar did indeed visit the emirates stadium.. photographers were also present at this stage, lemar also shown round London Colney and met various staff members. Contract was agreed £135k p/w on a 5 year deal. Lemar then flew back to France to prepare for his new life in London. It was then at THIS exact point we tweeted out ‘lemar to arsenal is done’ many of you may remember this was before anyone else on twitter.. hours later a few well respected Arsenal ITK’s also tweeted it was a done deal also. Little did we know we was very silly to be so naive and seemed we had jumped the gun. But with previous experience it seemed everything was done apart from a medical at the club!!

It was only 24 hours after lemar visited our facilities that Monaco came back and said they under valued their player and they were now after €50m. At this point I was aware that mahrez was very keen on joining our club. Leicester quoted £40m. Mahrez would be willing to sign instantly. Perfect back up signing if lemar fell through. Arsene was asked what he wanted to do as he was in control of who he wanted to bring in, after gazidis was in control of bringing in Lucas Perez, eleneny and Mustafi, all of which wenger was not very keen on. Wenger asked the board to push on with the signing of Thomas lemar. Just to throw a spanner into the works Thomas Lemar father spoke with wenger and said he was very unsure about his son joining our club as it was a World Cup year and wasn’t sure he would get the minutes at arsenal. After a few conversations wenger convinced the father. €50m bid went in and wasn’t responded to by Monaco before we went on tour. The source then told me that it was likely that the deal would go through once we was off tour and in time for the emirates cup. He said there shouldn’t be any problems whatsoever. Personal terms were agreed and we had accepted the increased fee. Well well well we all know now that was wrong!! Monaco then upped the transfer fee yet again. It was at this point Arsenal realised they were being taken for a ride. The board told wenger to sell players before bringing in lemar at an increased fee of £65m We was not willing to increase our bid a further £35m on top of the £30m we was already quoted. A lot of you may remember that this was when wenger was every public about Alexis Sanchez staying at the club as he was now unsure if we would be able to bring in an attacking player similar to lemars calibre. I haven’t included Kylian Mbappe in this article as wenger was promised by the board if he could secure that signing they would sanction a large bid for him as it was more of an investment and would generate a huge incoming of revenue and would potentially recoup a lot of the money. Also knowing in 5/6 years we could’ve sold him for £200m +. Wenger did work very hard and tirelessly on this deal and at one point it looked very likely as all mbappes advisors told him Arsenal was the best move for him. Monacos £180m put us off which is completely understandable. Any talk of wenger telling mbappe to join PSG instead of us is complete B*******!! Mbappe once aware we wouldn’t bid £180m asked wenger his opinion on his best career move as he and his family are very close to wenger.
It was mid/early august that wenger instructed the board to offer özil and Alexis new contracts at whatever cost before the season started as he was aware fans would become very upset at the lack of signings. Wenger also believed if we signed özil and Alexis to new contracts on top of the lacazette and kolasinac signings that would be very good transfer business from us and we wouldn’t need to sign anyone else! £300k p/w would be the money we would offer the two player. The board then told wenger they would not offer any new contracts until players are offloaded of the wage bill and no new signings. Wenger was happy with this. Little did he know the board would continuously argue over selling players for £1m / £2m less than our asking price rather than just offloading these fringe players asap.

Along came the Leicester game. All arsenal fans still feeling pretty good about the upcoming season. Defensively we were extremely poor but we won. After the game wenger wanted a new CB and wanted one DESPERATELY. I won’t go into too much detail as many of you already know Evans and VVD were main targets. The board yet again reluctant to let wenger strengthen without selling players first. Without doing the sensible thing of buying THEN offloading.

Many of you also know that the lemar deal on deadline day for £92m was in fact true aswell. The only reason that deal didn’t happen was because Lemar felt he had been messed around all summer by Arsenal and this deal should’ve been wrapped up a lot sooner. On deadline day he decided to decline the move. Many of our followers will remember me tweeting this several times before deadline day questioning whether he would still be willing to come after being made to wait so long and perhaps questioned our commitment for not paying the extra?

72 hours before deadline day arsenal were made aware of Alexis transfer offer from Man City. You would think we would be able to set up a deal with so much time left. Especially after being offered draxler at £32m with a £8m upfront payment and the rest in instalments. But same old Arsenal decide to leave it 10 hours before the deadline to bid for Lemar. Seems to me a bit of a smokescreen. Our source believes we would never have gone through with the £92m deal as the board made it very very very clear no more incomings. Wenger has been going head to head with the board all summer as he knows how much pressure is on him. For once this isn’t down to wenger. The only thing wenger will be to blame for this season is the players performance on the pitch.

There is so much information to digest and I may have missed out some minor details some of you may be itching to know. Please do not hesitate to tweet or DM me and I will get round to answering all questions. We will also do a Q&A session.

Now the transfer window is closed this will not be the end of moley football. We I’ll continue to bring you all up to date football news. 👊🏼

Thanks for your continued support it is greatly appreciated. We would also like to thank clock end talk for allowing us to use their platform.

Roll on the next window 👊🏼


  1. So you just spent paragraphs upon paragraphs attempting to defend OUR clubs (which means wenger, as he is the be all, end all @ the club……a proven/known fact. See Chips comments a few years ago for even further proof along with wengers comments about DOFs & similar subjects) shambolic handling of contracts & transfers (in & out….smh), while ALSO trying to defend YOURSELF. Claiming all summer to be an “itk” (lol, how pathetic is your life that you blatantly MADE UP a “close contact” with the club?) & got found out to be full of sh!t. Have a word bruh…… Just like every single dork with a blog or twitter that pops up each summer then conveniently forgets all those “done dealios” & “itk” sources they spewed bile about all summer about the coming season once the transfer window closes.
    Attempting to take the high-road AND attempting to absolve wenger of blame for this sh!testorm?? Good luck there bruh, you’re gonna need it. I don’t frequent your site often (now I know why….) so I won’t be seeing any reply given on here should you or anyone be gratious enough to grant me a retort, but I am on Twitter by the same name (@CES1NE) so I can always be reached there. I’m not looking for followers or “gasps”, “ohhhs” or “ahhhs”, just a discussion so it doesn’t even have to be done in “public”…….we can even rock this out in the DMs if you prefer (which I doubt bc you seem like you’d step over Lord Bergkamp just for a few more followers/hits…..smh). You just keep on fighting that good fight though bruh, whatever that may be at this point……

    (Please don’t get upset that my reply takes a crap on anything you’ve put out since starting this blog……it’ll be ok lil’ bruh, don’t you worry.)


  2. If this is indeed true, then Wenger should resign and explain to the fans the reason why he is resigning! I unfortunately don’t believe a word of it! I know for a fact as I have recently done business with Victor Wanyamas agent, that Wenger is a massive procrastinator who will not pay a penny more than the value he attributes to a player! He also doesn’t recognise the need for a proper defensively minded central midfielder! He offered Wanyama to Wenger for 4 seasons before he signed for the Spuds and Wenger told him he didn’t want a CDM that wasn’t a good passer! Again if Gazidis is signing players that Wenger doesn’t want, why is Wenger hanging around accepting it and allowing that situation to ruin his reputation? I know you may say because he is getting 9m a year, however that doesn’t wash as if he left at the end of last season having won the cup again, he would have been able to get a similar package at another club!


  3. Are all of you blokes getting money from the jokers in Arsenal to take pressure off Wenger’s back. This is no longer Arsenal FC, it’s Circus FC


  4. Many including myself blame Wenger for the intended ineptitude when it comes to signing players to strengthen the sqaud but clearly the Arsenal board are the major problem . They will happily sit in their Ivory towns counting their bundles of cash whilst Wenger is left to face the wrath of the fans along with the scathing media reports. We can blame him for poor tactics and game management but until we have a new owner along with an ambitious board that are willing to give whatever iron takes first thus club to succeed , we will continually be in this decline


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