1. You push the opinion that Arsenal let Lemar down all summer yet it was Monaco who kept moving the price up once they had AGREED with us and you say this happened twice.

    That’s Monaco messing the player and the buying club around… what do you expect arsenal to do just fold over and play slave to Monaco muppet management?

    It sounds like they had no intention of selling in the summer (until we bid stupid amount £90m) and you can’t blame arsenal for that.


  2. Thanks for clarifying. It is no surprise that Lemar would change his mind to joining us. There is a toxic atmosphere which will drive existing players away & deter others from joining. Fans can protest as much as they want but undeniable truth is that we have a club owner that doesn’t give a monkeys what us fans think and certainly won’t be wanting to sack Wenger.


  3. Great update Mole. I appreciate your efforts during the window and would like to say thank you, keep up the great work.
    Arsenal football club right now isn’t giving me or any optimistic fan any joy at the moment. I hope we turn things around like Chelsea did last summer because we clearly have our destiny in our own hands.
    Have a great day.
    From the Gooner in Florence, Tuscany.


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