What now for Arsenal?

Arsenal have had a poor start to the season. Currently they rest in 16th place with just 3 points from the first three games. The fans were looking for reinvestment in the transfer market after the big money departure of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. However, Arsenal failed to acquire any new players before the deadline shut with the most significant move for Thomas Lemar falling through. So, the question is can Arsenal still win the league?

Yes, one of the key objectives in this transfer window was keeping the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Özil. Arsenal held firm against clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea and PSG; a massive improvement on recent years where we have sold our big players. Arsenal has also brought in two top class players in Sead Kolasinac and Alexandre Lacazette. Whilst we as fans would have liked to have seen more of the same quality players arrive, Arsene Wenger did explain to us at the start of the window that there will only be two or three signings this summer. 

Arsenal have had a bad start to the season, but it is only three games in. If we return to last season Chelsea too started horrendously and it was only a 3-0 hammering at the Emirates which started their catalyst to form when they moved formation from a 4 back to a 3 back; arguably the turning point in their season which led to their title winning success. Arsenal have recently received a 4-0 hammering away at Liverpool, perhaps we will see this as the catalyst of form for Arsenal to kick the season on. Arsenal have a good team and the club are not in the crisis which the media have portrayed, understandably there were some hot heads in the dressing room and words were said, but, the players now have international break to cool down and resolve their disputes. Furthermore, it is a World Cup year which means players will be wanting to impress and push for a place in their international side, and we may yet see the best out of players such as Alexis.

Arsenal’s next game is against Bournemouth after the international break. This gives the players time to rediscover some confidence on international duty and for the high emotions of Liverpool to die down. Should Arsenal go on to win and confidence returns to the side we can hope to see the team morale return and a run in form begin. Arsenal’s season is not over yet and there are still 35 games to turn this poor start around.

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  1. Rightly said there is hope. In all of these the manager must learn how to grind results at difficult grounds away. We have Chelsea away in our next two fixtures and we all fear what’s in for us should we play Ramsey alongside Xhaka. The winning mentality of the players I believe is not strong and heads are easily dropped when things are not going well. The manager is responsible for all that. It’s been the same thing over the last few years losing heavily to the big clubs away. We may be in for more of that if the manager hasn’t learnt from last season

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    • Definitely hope, Wilshere Xhaka would be more suited in my opinion. Wilshere has a better positional discipline than Ramsey and all it takes is a run of games and the confidence and mentality is back. We need to bounce back after the international break though!


    • Delusional? What was delusional about it. All I am is positive we won’t get anywhere being negative. I just compared our situation to Chelseas last season and said that the fall out between players is fixable…not that delusional


      • Very delusional indeed. Don’t compare us to Chelsea because their manager had a clue and their owner isn’t a selfish money-making machine. What you should do is fight for this club not be optimistic and support the corruption.


        • Haha, ok then. Arsene Wenger doesn’t have a clue… and trust me I don’t support Kroenke. In fact I have said many times Kroenke needs to leave. But I can’t stand the negative attitude of fans around the team and manager just 3 games into the season. Why not protest against the owner rather than the team? Only thing protesting against the team is going to do is worsen the performance and what players are going to want to come to Arsenal when they see that the fans turn so easily against the players and manger after just 2 bad results?


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