One more day to go, Ins and Outs.

We are literally close to the end, the end of the summer transfer window. The closing stages have been a nightmare for me personally and to all the Arsenal fans around the world, we were by far below expectations in every single manner. The club once again failed us, the boss Arsene Wenger again failed us and provided false promises that deep I side he knew would never happen. We are an inch away of losing our best players in the likes of Sanchez, while the rest are just something that is better than what we have. Get the point now? Our team is incompetent, and with the best of the worst leaving, what kind of situation are we facing?

This is a big challenge, the idea of depending on super natural powers to ease the process of deadline day signing may not be in our favour though I know for a fact that for a change players are actually available in the market unlike for instance last season. If I was someone with power, given the two consecutive defeats we suffered, I’d splash the cash like I never did before in hope that at least I gain the confidence and support of the #AFC fans. The negativity is back and it will only worsen, the club  is on the verge of a breakdown with the fans and no one from within seems to do anything about it.

Let’s have a quick look at the options we have, and who may be available for a bid to be submitted.

1. In defence, I’d go after either VVD or Manolas.

2. In midfield, I’d go after Seri and/or Nzozi.

3. On the wing, I’d go for both draxler and Mahrez that s because the departures of the Ox and Alexis imminent.

That’s me trying my best to be rational, but such actions need us to open the cheque book and spend like crazy while we still can sell a few here and there.. The likes of denuchy, walcott, Perez need to leave and this can be done even on deadline day.

To conclude, share your opinions on not the above targets and what do you think should happen in the coming 24 hours.
Written by a_faqihi


  1. Can’t see vvd wanting to join us. Sanchez has to go. Take seri, mahrez,manolas and draxler if they would join . What does Steve bould do at the club? as our defence gets worse year on year.


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