Premier League: Liverpool vs Arsenal – Game Review

What should i say after a game like this! Shambles, crisis & turmoil are the some words that can describe our club Arsenal at the moment. That was a horrible performance, as if we didn’t turn up for the game, were not interested to play & were forced to play. This is a new low by Arsenal, i know the scoreline suggests there have been worse games but this was the worst Arsenal performance i have ever seen . No excuses needed and i just want to say , ‘whoever doesn’t want to play for this great club can just go , you don’t deserve to be here because you are letting the club & its loyal fans down massively’.

The team selection was very difficult to understand ( I don’t know if that was down to that squad bust up everyone is talking about) but in my honest opinion when you go to game of this magnitude away from home , you put your best Eleven out there and world knows, that wasn’t our best eleven by any means. Another thing I can’t understand is that why is our management overpowering that new formation i.e 3 at the back when its not working. We are not equipped well enough to play 3 at the back & when you are going to switch it back to 4 at the back in every game then why do we even start with it in the first place!

We keep repeating our mistakes in every single game. Players are playing out of position , its not working as all can see, at least just give them a try at their favoured positions & see what happens. We just bought the best LB in bundesliga who looks solid & we play hector bellerin at LWB who doesn’t even look like a shadow of himself. Alexandre Lacazette, our record signing who just gave an interview stating how he will score crucial goals in big games , is on the bench for the first big game of the season. This is just very poor management or something real bad is going inside our club that needs to be said & then needs to be rectified. I am sure something is happening behind the scenes at Arsenal that they are not telling us & that is stopping the progress of the club and the dream we saw of becoming the best club in the world when we moved to the Emirates.

There are no ratings needed for this game because it was horrible from the team but i’ll just say there are three sets of players at our club right now, ones who like to give their best ,the ones who give their best but are not good enough and the ones who doesn’t want to stay here & our least interested to play for the badge.

I will mention some here,

I think Cech was our best player by a mile, made some crucial saves (including one world class save at the start) which on another day could have kept us in the game. I think Koss tried his best & even Ozil looked good at the beginning.

Rest all were just not good enough.

The most disappointing of the lot was OX who had no interest in the game at all, if you are not grateful to Arsenal for where you are then you really need to go far away from this club. Ox doesn’t deserve to be here because we stood by him through thick & thin and now he’s acting as if he is bigger than the club, such an ungrateful player who has some 9 goals in 6 years and anyway he is inconsistent as fuck. After this game i never want to see him in an Arsenal shirt again. Same for Alexis Sanchez, we should let him go if he doesn’t want to stay, no point in keeping a unhappy player, it has a bad effect on everyone at the club. I know there are many people who think Alexis deserves better, I disagree with them because i think he only become world class after joining Arsenal who gave him the platform to perform and be the main man week in week out. He was never the main man at Barcelona (was mostly a bench player). I have to point out that all his major honours with Chile also , he won after joining Arsenal, he’s contracted here so he needs to respect that & keep his attitude to himself as we never forced him to sign that contract & never forced him to play for us.He should be grateful to Arsenal as all his individual best performances at the club level and at the international level have come after he wore the Arsenal shirt.

There is a lot of negativity surrounding our club right now , and it is down to the board & management as they decided to renew Wengers contract and then filled us with lies that last season was a so called ‘catalyst for change’. If there is any change at this moment, then it is our change to mediocrity. We don’t want Arsenal to turn into a mid table club so whatever it is going at the club needs to change and fast, if for that, Wenger needs to go then let him go but we need to change our fortunes fast as the season has already begun. There are still four days left in the window, throw the players out who don’t want to be here and buy some players who will give their all. All can see that some crucial positions need strengthening in the squad & more leaders are required. I hope Arsenal do whatever is necessary for the good of the club.

Thats all from my review & i am devastated as you all. Your comments & thoughts are all welcomed . Thank you for reading & I apologise to all on behalf of the club for that horrible performance.

Tejasvi Bhandari ( @SaviAfc on Twitter)

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