In Arsene we trust?

Hey guys, just a little piece on the man , the myth, the legend himself Arsenal Wenger.

We are going to try analyse how a man who transformed Arsenal into one of the greatest teams is now ruining the club we all love! We know we can’t blame the manager for everything as the board plays a big part in this too.

3 games in and the fans are already screaming “Wenger Out” and can you really blame them after a poor performance against a deflated Liverpool.

Stubbornness? Stubbornness we say? Why do I say that you ask. Well firstly it happened last season when Arsenal were going through a poor stage and Wenger refused to change his tactics. He only changed his tactics when he had no choice. He switched to a back 3 which had great success winning 10 out of 11 fixtures , secured the FA cup and the Community Shield. Why did he not change his tactics half way through the season? Why do it at the last minute when the pressure is on? Look what conte did with Chelsea.. they won the league when he did it.

Bad management? Yes I’ve gone there. What kind of manager constantly plays his players out of position seeing them have a poor game and diminishing their confidence? For instance playing 3 at the back and having 2 left backs as central defenders?! Playing the ox on the left when he prefers the right? All this is Wengers logic. Drops his star striker which he payed 52million for because he’s still in “adaption phase” yet Conte plays Morata in all 3 games and he scores twice and gets 2 assists? Where’s Moratas adaption phase, because Lacazette is a way better striker. The most concerning thing is , I truly believe players like the Ox and Bellerin would blossom under new management and reach their full potential.

Being outwitted? Is it finally time for Wenger to hang his gloves up, it seems as if he is getting outwitted by the younger generation of managers coming through and they have seemed to have figured Arsenal out! We know it’s only early on in the season, (forgetting about the bad referees decisions) why couldn’t we put one away against stoke. These are questions that need answering because titling winning teams need to be able to grind results out.

Awful team selections? On paper Arsenal have a quality team! Everyone fan loves match day and checking the line up.. until just recently. It feels as if there is no logic in the team selections. I’m just a fan with an opinion and don’t know what goes on behind closed doors at the club. Don’t know what’s happening with players. The media like to cause an upset with fans but why aren’t our strongest 11 starting? What happened to Mustafi against Liverpool? I know there had been a media stir about him leaving but why was not not starting in our back 3 over Monreal? This now leads me to next point..

Is Wenger to soft? This will link all the points together. Judging from team selections it feels as if Wenger is to soft towards players? Or he has his favourites which he prefers to start all the time? Why does he always try accommodate the same players who are failing? Where’s Wengers ruthless streak? As a manger this is a very fine line to deal with, when a player has performed bad and there confidence is down you can’t ruin them by being to harsh, but from time to time players need to be dropped to make them fight for there starting position again. Time after time certain players making mistakes and there still selected the next week. For example he favours Bellerin at RWB maybe he’s scared of dropping him as Barca are hot on his heels, but by doing this it means the OX is played in a LWB role which he doesn’t suit. Which then goes back to the point of playing players out of position. This also resembles the fact too many average players are being over paid and are sat on Arsenals books taking up the wage bill which is stopping us improving the squad.

As an Arsenal fan it kills me to be negative, but week in week out with each sloppy performance we have it frustrates the life out of me. It ruins my whole week. I’m hoping we will improve and get back to winning ways but it’s unbearable to watch at the minute. Wenger just makes up stupid excuses in press conferences probably being told by the board what to say. The whole club is in a massive mess at the minute, without touching in contract situations..

I know fans will come out and say Arsenal always start the season bad, but that’s no excuse we shouldn’t be , because these “bad” games defines the season and we just can’t expect to win any major titles playing like this.

Thanks for reading guys. Hoped you enjoyed it.

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