Difficult days, yes or no?

Has this transfer window been a bad dream to Arsenal fans? If yes then im ready to wake up now. I’m sure we were all very confident of change for a change in this football club, but yet, we fell for the same trick in the book year after year and by now the truth is very hard to swallow.

With very few days remaining on the transfer window, we start hearing shocking news all around the press and though social media. Alex oxlade Chamberlain for instance, bought to the club at the age of 17, has been injured and under performing for a big portion of his career in an Arsenal shirt now being linked to our rivals Liverpool and Chelsea. Words can’t describe the frustration, the utter stupidity of not tying up players to long contracts and more than this, the years of patience we had with this player watching him crossing balls to no man’s land and slipping on his own as if he was walking on ice.

In other news shkodran Mustafi has handed in a transfer request and want the move to Milan as per the latest reports. This I don’t really understand, another shocker in my opinion, it’s suicide if we actually think we can go on this season with Koscielny as our main centre back. I’m not saying this as if mustafi is anywhere close to world class .. NO HE’S NOT ! But what are the alternatives? What’s plan B? Who are we after to replace him? Virgil Van Dijk .. As much of love to see this beast in an Arsenal shirt, reality tells me it’s unlikely to happen in this precise time.
This summer up till this very second has been a disaster by all means .. we started with Kylian mbappe (close to PSG), tolisso another very talented midfielder (joined Bayer), Lemar (God knows what happened in the meeting), Jean Seri (nothing concrete). Imagine signing players of this calibre, this would’ve brought back belief and confidence. The club is struggling to buy, struggling to sell, struggling to negotiate and this will only lead us to collapse at the end of the day.

I’m conclusion, what’s happening is either complete stupidity or there is a master plan that no one knows about .. at this stage I think it’s more of stupidity, and panic buys will be of no good, similarly to all the panic buys we had in the past. Arsenal do not learn from their mistakes, Arsenal do not learn from the past, Arsenal do not hear the fans because Arsenal do not want to hear the fans.

True gooners will go through a very difficult few days till the end of the window, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope AW has something of a surprise in his long zippered rain coat.
Written by a_faqihi

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