How much are they worth?

This transfer window is an interesting one to all Arsenal fans, given that Arsene Wenger recently signed a new two year with the club, fans were expecting dramatic changes to be implemented, most importantly in the transfers department. The club managed to add two acquisitions this summer in the form of Lacazzete and Kolasinac respectively, but the voice of opinion indicates that the club needs to do more than just that.

What is shocking to me is the club’s ability to sell players, I reckon that this is a major issue of late due to the complexity we read and hear when a player is linked with a move away, let’s take into consideration Kieran Gibbs as an example with his proposed move to other clubs collapsing every single time due to transfer fees and wage issues.

Let’s take a look at the Arsenal roaster and estimate how much each player is worth:

Kieran Gibbs – surplus to requirement (fee: 7-9 million pounds)

Gabriel – not good enough, new defender required (fee: 10-13 million pounds)

Debuchy – surplus to requirement (fee: 2-3 million pounds)

Wilshere – injury prone (fee: 10 million pounds)

Walcott – not good enough (fee: 20-25 million pounds)

Chambers – a bit of a gamble, a buy back option can be inserted (fee: 20 million pounds)

Jeff Adelaide – needs to be loaned.

Jenkinson – not good enough (fee: 2 million pounds)

Campbell – not good enough (fee: 3 million pounds)

Akpom – not good enough (fee: 2 million pounds)

Coquelin – not good enough (fee: 10 million pounds)

Neny – not good enough (fee: 10 million pounds)

Approximate return from sales: 102 million pounds believe it or not !

Now let’s set back and relax .. with a 100 million pounds excluding wages, how many fantastic players can we add into our squad? A few good names easily ring some bells in my mind !

Share your opinion in the comments below.

Written by a_faqihi

One comment

  1. Element and Coq are fantastic squad players. They are Swiss Army knives that can be deployed in many different ways.
    Player contracts, however, are double edged swords. In the same way that Arsenal are saying no to the sale of Alexis, a player, can say no to a transfer too. This is quite likely if the potential transfer would require the player to take a cut in wages.
    When Adebuyor was sold to Spurs, I seem to recall Man City had to pay a part of his wage.
    Arsenal’s wage bill is close to ÂŁ200m and our players are well paid. With the exception of Man City, ManU and Chelsea, no English club can/will pay higher wages. Shifting players is not easy when your wage bill is the 4th highest in the land.


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