Same old Arsenal.

So the premier league season is back!! After a long wait football fans are back at it!!! Not with the white vans though…

Opening day sees a title hoping Arsenal take on a mid table happy Leicester at the emirates.

What an opening game it has been so far!

Arsenal fans were ecstatic at the fact there record signing Alexander lacazette scored in his first home debut in 2 minutes! Fans were off there seats screaming!! Already believing there title would be there’s this year! Within 4 minutes though disaster struck and that same old problem Arsenal have been suffering from for years raises its ugly head again… 2 guesses to what it is ..

You got it in one.. there shambolic defence. Within 4 minutes Leicester had equalised and the defence didn’t even know where they was. They didn’t even look like defenders. Shambolic.

That same old problem which keeps haunting Arsenal keeps raring back. Surely the board and the manger realises this? But the main question is why have they not done anything about it. Arsenal will not win the title unless there sort out there defence. They have put a back 3 up which has helped them so greatly as they won 11 out of 10 games. So why not start the season off with it? Because the main defenders are not ready for the start of the season which has resulted in the back 3 consisting of a kid with no experience , a left back who can’t tackle and built like a 12 year old kid and a newbie who’s built like a bodybuilder but not used to the premier league.

The defence lacks leadership. Lacks experience and it lacks someone who can tackle. In a way a loss on the first day could open arsene wengers eyes and force there hand into buying a centre back but with arsenals track record in the transfer window there transfer window is all but over. As they can’t buy any more players because they can’t ship out the deadwood due to wage demands.

Another typical season for Arsenal fans.

Least we can enjoy the football season being back!!

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