Is Ian Wright, right?

In a recent interview conducted with club legend Ian Wright, the former gunner insisted that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger did not do enough in this transfer window. 

He further interpreted that this team lacked leadership in several sections and that ambitious signings to convince Alexis Sanchez of the club’s intentions were not up to expectations, at least till this very moment. He even indicated that we have missed out out on potential targets, a big example is Matic, a player in his opinion that would’ve been a fantastic addition.

This transfer window has been very tricky, but very direct as well. The main driver in my opinion is money, the higher you bid, the more likely you get your targets. In the case of Arsenal, we have been struggling to receive any concrete news regarding Thomas Lemar, a young quality midfielder with so much potential. Given the crazy amount spent by our rivals in the premiere league, I would guess that Ian does have a point in his latest statement.

This club is in need of quality players whom can turn things around, hence, achieve positive results. This can only be achieved by upgrading the current squad, but first, players of no influence nor positive output must leave to make space for new joiners !! We are already in August, and with pace and direction we are moving towards, Arsenal need to act promptly, this includes selling the unwanted players and buying players whom we actually need and can help improve this team. At the moment and I’m my own opinion, the acquisitions of lacazette and kolasinac are excellent by all means, however, I do believe that these two acquisitions are not enough .. the Arsenal management need to accelerate and push for new imminent signing and they need to act fast in the process.

Finally, and similarly to the article’s main subject, is Ian Wright, right?

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Written by abdulla faqihi     a_Faqihi 

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