Frustration at Arsenal 

I’m as frustrated as you, every window we sit watch wait and hope that transfers will go to plan. Things looked very promising at the start. Fast forward a few weeks and once again Wenger locks horns with the board over transfers. 
The board have told Wenger get your squad down, before bringing in any new players. I understand that they are concerned with the high wage bill and this falls back on Wenger. However it’s just so frustrating that here we are days from the season kicking off and we still can’t remove the deadwood. 

I feel if this was the problem at the start of the window it should of happened then. Take Perez for e.g. We all know his moving on he didn’t come on tour, and it’s no secret that Perez has also become frustrated. So my question is why has it taken so long to move him on. Gibbs is another a player who is not in Wenger plans this season is still at the club these two players should of been moved on at the start of the window. 

Arsenal transfer window is so frustrating to watch every year it’s the same outcome. When seasons kick of the Wenger out brigade will I  full force. Then we end up signing a panic buy on dealine day. 

I’m sorry but someone at the club must go starting with Dick Law (chief Negotiator)   Who has cost arsenal so many potential targets over the years. It was reported that he will be leaving at the end of this window. The Lemar saga is another example of his capabilities. 

Mesut Ozil is another example. Who reportedly ended his dialogue with the club’s chief Dick Law and is instead holding contract talks with Gunners director Josh Kroenke. 

Why Arsenal stick with Dick Law is beyond me he couldn’t negotiate a cheap t-shirt in bali. 
Let us know your thoughts in the comments  below 

Football Mole 


  1. I believe the reason why players such as Perez and Gibbs haven’t left yet is because Arsenal are asking too much for them. I agree that they should at least make profit on some players but to strengthen you have to sell no matter the cost. You will always lose money on someone it’s just a fact that Wenger and the board need to understand. If Lemar doesn’t get done by the end of the window I am going to be one pissed off Gooner.

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  2. Very well said but Wenger should be more ruthless with board as well if he has signed a new contract it should have been with some clauses.. Dick law is big dick wenger should learn the art of keeping board for ransom I know he is not such a man but at least he can do it for a club he loved so much and for the fans who wants nothing more than a trophy I think we deserve it after a decade of support and patience.. Dear Wenger I was very happy when you signed a new contract I want you to leave this club gracefully but if you can’t take a stance against board then it would be very difficult for someone who will come after you

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  3. It’s truly frustrating being an arsenal fan, we get the worst of everything. We couldn’t even get a better investor in the club stuck with stan

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