Aaron Ramsey – world class?

Aaron Ramsey, the Welsh midfield maestro has caused vast division within the fan base. Ramsey’s persistent work rate and adept eye for goal, along with, his rather random passing and slow transition with the ball, means he has caused plenty of uproar amongst fans. 

Aaron Ramsey, as so many other Arsenal players have had, has had numerous injury drawbacks. Showing glimpses of roar talent, predominantly in the 2013/14 season. Scoring 16 goals in 34 appearances as well as providing 9 assists, in addition, each game Ramsey scored in Arsenal did not lose. The importance of Ramsey that season was significant. Arsenal held a 70.6% win rate in games Ramsey had played in, meanwhile only occupying a 55% win rate without him. Aaron Ramsey was also inspirational in the dramatic FA cup final victory, scoring in extra time against Hull City to clinch the cup in a glorious 3-2 win. Following on with FA cup finals, three years later Aaron Ramsey scored his second FA cup final winning goal. Heading home from a Giroud cross to give Arsenal an emphatic 2-1 victory against bitter rivals Chelsea, the League Champions.

Aaron Ramsey has struggled to find a run of form in recent years. An injury plagued career has lead to patches of good and bad form. However, the change in formation last season saw Ramsey begin to return to the Ramsey the fans know and love. The new system in a midfield pair with Xhaka gives Ramsey the freedom to dart forward, doing the imposing runs from deep, penetrating a teams defence in behind; because of this Ramsey is a prodigious threat. With the intelligent runs and link up with the striker, we will begin to see Ramsey get in more goalscoring opportunities. Ramsey has an impressive knack of finding space in penalty areas, his probing runs into the box are often ghost like, barely being picked up by defenders he poses an immense threat to any teams defence. Ramsey’s under the radar runs, along with his competent ability to put the ball in the back of the net will mean he will be a shroud threat in the shadow of Arsenal’s immensely talented attack off Alexis, Özil and Lacazette. Should Ramsey discover his supreme form of 2013/14 and be graced with an injury free season, it can be expected that Ramsey will score 10+ goals from deep midfield. Ramsey has all the ability to lead Arsenal to the title along with the help of Arsenal’s world class players, Ramsey could become a star name once again after never following up his special 2013/14 season. Should Ramsey display star performances with likeness to the 2013/14 season would you consider him to be world class?

TheArseView (@TheArseView Twitter)

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