1. Could Mahrez play as a right wing back? I think OX blows hot and cold but at least he tracks back Mahrez not known for defensive qualities. I don’t see where Lemar fits in. RWB is a need but more so a central defender- spend money on van Dijk who could be flanked by Kos and Mustafi. Santi and Xhaka would be great to see at some point. Ramsey for now but strong RWB necessary to cover him.


  2. I totally agree with u . We need someone apart from Sanchez who’s got the ability to win you a game. Plus how he goes past players is something we lack. I think it’s a missed opportunity if we don’t go for him. Good age and would get him for under ÂŁ45 mil.

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    • Yes and proven in the premier league I worry about these French players in the premier league. Lemar is good and his young but is he proven. Where Mahrez is a player that will slot straight in


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