Neymar. Relax!

neymarWith the confirmation yesterday of the record-breaking transfer of Neymar to PSG for a whopping £200m, are we all getting a bit carried away in the hysteria? Is it really ruining football?.

Neymars’ release clause was 222 MILLION EUROS, but that’s just it, it was his release clause, the price payable to get the deal done as quickly as possible and break his contract with Barcelona.  Barcelona set this price, but when it was met by PSG it was greeted with hostility, (being an Arsenal fan I have no sympathy).  With Barca setting this fee they open the door to a superrich club making a move, if they had not set a release clause in his contract then my guess it the fee would have been considerably lower.       PSG would have made a move for Neymar regardless, then if the player him self had said,ok, I want to go, even possibly put in a transfer request, then there’s not a chance Barca could have commanded such a huge sum.

So on to the question is it ruining football? , my answer is NO. PSG is a Qatar backed club who simply wanted a “product” for their portfolio, to make a statement to the footballing world and sought the quickest way to do it.  Did anyone suggest that Real Madrid were ruining football when they signed Kaka and Ronaldo in one summer for a combined £145m? , absolutely not.  It’s just one club paying another club for the services of a football player. Football will survive!

This is my first ever arcticle , so be kind guys

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